Our Story

We started Earth Shoots with the simple aim to provide a rad new product to show that the use of single use straws is a thing of the past. We want to change the views and opinions on straws. No longer do they need to be something to be sucked on once then thrown away as if they just disappear and don't have a devastating effect on our world. Why can't they be treated just like the glass you are sipping out of? Clean them, dry them, reuse them and repeat. When they have had their run and you need a replacement simply stick these suckers in your compost for them to breakdown and become part of the Earth rather than harm it. 
I was travelling in Mozambique and as I arrived I was greeted by a fresh coconut accompanied by an interesting looking sipping tool. It turned out to be a reusable bamboo straw. Reflecting back now I thought it was such a great and unique idea. I have to say my first bamboo experience must have stuck with me more than I had thought.

A few weeks later on a long haul bus ride I had an extremely intricate dream about a simple bamboo straw and starting an earth friendly project that aimed to fight the war on waste.

Simon realised really quick that he couldn’t do it alone. Then enters Tess (into the dream, she was actually in Melbourne) a close mate who had always wanted to run a business and had a passion for sustainable living and looking after our planet. Okay, now we will get to the point...

We have both always dreamed of creating a business that would make us feel really good. We are super passionate about helping out to make the world a better place. This is a small contribution we know but as someone really clever once said, "We don't need a handful of people doing waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly."

We know you will enjoy our bamboo sippers and hope you appreciate the natural goodness as much as we do. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us as we are happy to hear any feedback from our customers or future buyers.

After plenty of meet ups and more than plenty of beers we decided to go ahead and turn this dream into a reality. 
Before choosing our supplier we checked out providers from China, Vietnam and India but wanted to ensure that we were sourcing the straws from a genuinely eco friendly supplier that supported local farmers. 
After receiving samples and liaising with lots of potentially sketchy suppliers we chose the one with not only the best quality we could find but also someone who had top notch sustainability practices. 

A note from our very patient and epic supplier - Eric. 
Our handmade bamboo straws are grown on an organic bio farm. We work closely with local farmers to ensure that the manufacturing process has zero emissions and is sustainable from start to finish.

Our supplier plants bamboo seed on their farm, and clips the bamboo at regular times to guarantee the bamboo is in good condition and is sourced in an ethical way.