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The Variety Bundle

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This bundle includes 2 of each straw type!

2 x All-Rounder

2 x Bazooka

2 x Mini

2 x Grom

(Pack include a rad cotton carry case and a natural wool cleaner)

This clever little pack is perfect for you to enjoy each size of straw in all of your delectable beverages. Sip all day long and bring these to your favorite local cafe, bar or restaurant and be sure to say NO to a single use straw.


Care Instructions:

  • Love your straws.
  • Bring them with you everywhere you go. 
  • After use rinse your straw under water.
  • If you are out and about suck up some water to rinse it quickly and stick back in your carry bag to clean when you get home. 
  • At home use your natural wool cleaner to clean out the middle.
  • If you feel it is needed put the straw in the dishwasher.
  • Make sure you put it in a nice dry place so they dry before next use.